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Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Weh Yeoh
About me

Weh Yeoh was born in Sydney and lived, volunteered and worked in Cambodia for over five years. He is a professionally trained physiotherapist who has also completed a Masters in Development Studies. He has a diverse background, having travelled through remote parts of Asia, volunteered with people with disabilities in Vietnam, interned in India, and studied Mandarin in Beijing.

He founded OIC Cambodia after meeting Ling, a boy who slurs his speech. With basic speech therapy, Ling is now going to school for the first time and not just participating, but excelling. He’s coming second in his class.

Weh would love to see this success for every child in Cambodia, and yet, there is not one local speech therapist in Cambodia. Weh believes that every person deserves a chance and loves fighting for the underdog.

He is now co-founding Umbo, a social enterprise bridging the gap for rural children to access allied health services.

Weh’s key messages are:

1) How to solve global problems using a Redundant Leadership mindset – by following Weh’s lead of letting local people take ownership.

2) How to integrate doing good in the most effective way, through the power of business.

3) How to build a team, a movement, and a band of loyal volunteers with virtually no startup capital.

Previous speaking experience

TEDx Haymarket
From company-wide events at LinkedIn and Salesforce in Sydney, to presenting to the Treasurer of Victoria and parliamentary colleagues in Melbourne, and addressing the Cambodian government, Weh has spoken at events globally.

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