Take action. Say no to homogenous panels

All too often we’re seeing the same line up of speakers and panelists at conferences and events. Whether you’re an event organiser, speaker, individual, organisation, sponsor, event-goer or part of the supply chain – by signing this pledge, you are saying enough is enough.

This diversity pledge shows you are committed to making sure every event has balanced representation – not only because it leads to better conversations and thinking but also because it’s the right thing to do.

Diversity pledge

Diversity Pledge

We care about diversity at conferences and events because we want them to be better for everyone. Fill in the form to show your support today. Your name, organisation and comments will be visible to inspire others to take action. (Please allow 24-48 business hours for your name and organisation to be loaded).

Signatories – People who have pledged for better events.

Elisa Choy, Strategic Data Central

Strategic Data Central is an active advocate for promoting diversity in thinking through data and storytelling.

Karen Chaston, Live Love By Design

As a speaker I believe it’s time for more diverse events with up and coming speakers in the lineup.

Valerie Naidoo, Wallstreet coaching foundation

I deeply care about diversity and inclusion and believe this must be represented everywhere we go.

Jega Ponnambalam, Caltex

Strongly support the purpose and on a journey to be a speaker.

Kannu Gupta, Westpac

I support diversity and inclusion and this pledge is long overdue. Great to see someone is formally putting this together.

Andrea Kirby, The Recruitment Events Co. Australia

It is not hard to find diverse speaker. You just have to work a bit harder.

Rebecca Wessels, Ochre Dawn

Your ethos is ours too!

Julie Delaforce, JD Social Media

Equality is important to me personally and as a business person. Everyone deserves equity of rights, access & treatment.

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Because for too long it’s been acceptable for organisations to not include diverse speakers. It’s also been okay for speakers to be complicit in this. It’s time that a true representation of the diverse voices and stories of our country are heard.

Anneline Padayachee, The Food and Nutrition Doctor

We’re all in this together, so we should represent all of us as best as possible.

Colleen Condon

Diversity brings collective wisdom. Diversity of thought and behaviour brings great possibility.

Samantha Leith, Samantha Leith International Pty Ltd

I believe equality should be everywhere – and stages are still so sadly behind.

Sha Nayagar, Boost IT

We say YES to diversity and inclusion and want to attend more conferences & events with balanced representation

Mel Wojtas, Hive Village Project

Representation matters!

Tracey Gillis-Sinclair, Wisdom to Wellness

Because I believe every person has the right to share the truth of their passions and beliefs!

Cissy Ma, APAC Women's Mentoring Circle

Take action to increase the diversity of the speaking circle.

Karen Curran, The Heart of Us

Diversity helps in understanding – we are all individuals and all have a story to share.

Clare Edwards, BrainSmart

Because diversity, inclusion, belonging and equality MATTERS.

Leanne Williams

Athena Savvas, My Gap Year Travel & Meet Her

Reach out to see how you can get involved.

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