Speakership for Women of Colour

Speak with confidence, clarity and conviction.

Have you faced obstacles when speaking up as a Woman of Colour? Do you want to build your confidence but exhausted by the imposter syndrome, microaggressions, bias, stereotypes and double-standards?

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WoC speakership class

Why join us?

The world has changed dramatically in the last couple of months. With virtual teams, flatter organisations and digital disruption, the ability to influence and connect with others has become even more critical. But as women of colour, sometimes it may feel like you’ve hit a ‘concrete ceiling’ — but we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. 

No matter what your background, expertise or industry is, using your voice to its full potential will  open doors to career and business opportunities. Speaking up enhances your credibility and establishes you as an expert in your field. Yes, speaking can be intimidating sometimes, but as women of colour, we need to show our presence and by doing so we liberate ourselves in the process.  

If you want to improve your leadership and communication skills to speak up with conviction and confidence, we invite you to join us.

The speakership program has helped me in regaining my lost confidence to deliver messages clearly to different audiences including day-to-day conversations and providing constructive feedback during meetings and facilitating sessions with different stakeholders and community members. After the completion of this great program, I’m inspired to continue working hard and being a successful public speaker. 

Prehashini Jeevaretnam Joseph

Strategic Coordination & Partnerships, Multicultural Affairs and Advocacy

Who is the program for?

The program is specifically designed for Women of Colour by Women of Colour and is open to all abilities, genders, non-binary people and allies.

While Women of Colour have always been determined, strong and resistant, we also recognise the systemic factors that prevent us from advancing at work are quite different from those holding white women and even men of colour back.  

To ensure you get the most out of this class, you will need to show a little vulnerability and fully participate — whether that’s sharing your story, delivering a talk or providing feedback to your sisters.

But don’t worry, you’ll be fully supported in this incredible program — Cathy, Winitha and a community of sisters who will be all on the same journey as you (in this program) and will be cheering you on every step in the way. 

Show your colour at this speakership class
Thank you for running this Speakership program to support Women of Colour to share their stories and use their voices.
I loved being part of the amazing community of WoC you brought together and that you created a safe space for.
Your support, sponsorship and the safe community of talented women helped me to keep going,  particularly in the face of health challenges. I was inspired by your leadership, generosity and caring for us all as well as your passion to make a real difference and work towards equality. With much appreciation and gratitude.
Trang Du

Founder, Two Square Pegs

increase your confidence

Increase your confidence and comfort while speaking in front of groups. 

Receive and give feedback 

Improve your listening skills and ability to give and receive constructive feedback.

Build leadership

Communicating effectively is key to great leadership. 

Advance your career

Improve your speaking skills to advance your career and in business.

learn to speak with clarity

Learn how to plan a great talk or story. Also, learn to respond with ease and grace when put on the spot. 

Network with other sisters

Find value in networking with like-minded professional Women of Colour. Share stories and tips. 

WoC speakership program

What you get

Participants will have the opportunity to practice public speaking, and give and receive invaluable feedback. You will be part of a dynamic, supportive and safe environment to freely ask any questions.

You will also have access to a private Facebook WoC Speakership group, so you can continue sharing your stories and exchange communication tips with your fellow sisters.

Your facilitators

Frustrated with seeing lack of diversity ‘usual suspects’ at events and conferences, Cathy Ngo founded Keynoteworthy as a way to amplify the voices of the ‘everyday speaker’.

She believes there is no shortage of talent out there and wanted to make it more accessible for event managers to find amazing and diverse speakers. Cathy believes representation on stage matters because impact does not end on stage – it’s where it begins.

Before founding Keynoteworthy, Cathy has spent more than a decade in corporate HR and communication roles implementing transformational change programs for top ASX listed companies.

Outside of work, Cathy loves to dabble in stand-up comedy, collect indoor plants and frantically balance the grind with her young family.

Cathy Ngo

Founder & CEO Keynoteworthy

Winitha Bonney is Australia’s first and foremost Thought Leader in the advancement of Women of Colour. She has over 21 years of experience in executive roles, has founded several businesses and is a person with multiple ‘lived experiences’. This has provided Winitha with an incredible amount of unique insights, experiences and expertise to help women of colour become leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Winitha is also the founder of two Australian firsts – Amina of Zaria, a digital platform for Women of Colour and #ColourFULL Conference, a leadership and entrepreneurship conference by and for Women of Colour, She also regularly speaks and presents on inclusion, leadership and entrepreneurship and coaches and mentors Women of Colour to become speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Through her programs, workshops and events, Winitha helps Women of Colour get unstuck, halve the time it takes for them to achieve their goals and experience the freedom, joy and peace that comes with unleashing the person they always knew they were meant to be.

Winitha Bonney

Thought Leader in the Advancement of Women of Colour

Reach out to see how you can get involved.

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