With physical events set to remain on hold for some time yet, more businesses are looking to virtual meet-ups, with the use of video tools soaring, and people finding new ways to connect, in replacement of major summits and conferences. The question now is whether people will go back to regular, in-person meet-ups and events when they’re actually able to do so once again.

Of course, many events will likely go back to normal and resume as they always have, but given the massive costs involved in travel and attendance to such conferences, and the capacity for online tools to replicate the experience, in large part, without those same overheads, it may well be that the event industry is changed forever as a result of COVID-19.

Nothing can replace meeting people in-person, but depending on your goals in attending such events, maybe, people will be re-thinking their approach moving forward.

The infographic below provides an overview of the considerations in this respect, looking at the cost of shutting down major events, how people are shifting to digital replacements and the longer-term implications of the shift. It may well be worth considering how you can enhance your even experiences through digital means.

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