Speaking at events can be beneficial for your personal brand. Whether you are a marketer for an organisation or an expert representing an agency or product, it can provide a fast track to exposure, opportunities and connections.

Here are some of the key benefits you can receive from speaking at events:

Demonstrate your thought leadership

Share your ideas and experiences with others and earn respect for the work you are doing. It’s a great opportunity to position yourself as knowledgeable and an expert in this space. When you share your ideas and thoughts with others, it can lead to opportunities to collaborate, meet like-minded people and explore new directions.

Connect with leaders and peers in your industry

Speaking provides you with a fast track to meet new people and build your reputation. It enables you to easily connect with other speakers as well as attendees at an event.

Build your communication skills

Great communication skills are a must for every profession. And the more senior you are, the more important it is to be able to confidently speak at events, workshops or conferences. This skill can be developed over time with practice through experience.

Build your personal and employer brand

To help build your personal branding, invest the time in using your knowledge and experience to build a name for yourself. It gives you a chance to explore opportunities and collaboration.

Speaking at events also helps to build employer branding. When you speak on behalf of a company and share your success and learnings from a brand, in turn, you will bring awareness and respect to that brand too.

Get paid for speaking and travel

Compensation for speakers vary. Some gigs don’t pay whilst some people charge from $1,000 to $200,000 for doing a keynote presentation. Generally, the higher the pay, the more experience and influence they have. If you’re expected to travel to the event, you may be able to get your travel costs covered by the event organiser, so always check with them.

Right now, event planners are looking for experts in their field from a variety of backgrounds. List your profile today to get yourself in front of planners. 

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