About Worthy Stories

Worthy stories is an open-mic storytelling event series where stories are told live and straight from the heart without notes.

Think of stand-up comedy – without the jokes (although most of the stories are contagiously funny). The stories will move, make you cry, gasp or spontaneously cheer.

At Worthy Stories, we leave ego at the door and instead, come with an open-mind and open-heart.

Our theme

Perspectives (Melbourne, 27 Feb 2020): Sometimes, the only thing we have control of is our own perspectives. We might not have control over our situation, but we have a choice on how you view it. 

Empathy (Sydney, 23 July 2020): Does empathy make the world a better place? Theres no denying that we need empathy to creatively take action. Drawing on their personal story, our storytellers will share their thoughts. Register for the Sydney event here.

Tales of Tomorrow (Brisbane, TBC): An event to inspire us through story to think daringly and critically about the development of our society. Our storytellers will touch on sustainability and how we can, together, create a better world. Register link coming soon.

Our (worthy) Sponsors

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Diverse narratives and storytelling is a key enabler of inclusion which is the purpose and drive behind the Worthy Stories events.

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